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Done by VIDEFI " Vision for Development of Fizi "

In terms of the families , the clans, the tribes, and the nations formations, Fizi has been contested living with different ethnics groups, on the other hand we should consider that, the following people are the citizen of Fizi : Babembe, Babwari, Bazoba,Babuyu,Banyamulenge,Bavira,Baholoholo,and Barega. However, each tribe communicate in they own mother tongue, but the most spoken language of Fizi is Ebembe, then Kiswahili. Social life of Fizi. The above mentioned people of fizi share their life in harmonies of helping, as well interacting to each others. They are living in one common culture of participating within different matters, on the other way, they believe in holding hands to each other, therefore their cultural sameness determine their unite and their spirit of ubuntu(working together). II. Admistrative aspect of Fizi Fizi it is one of the national territorial of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), located in eastern part of the country as well, in south west of the South- kivu province. Largely Fizi count about 16.286km2, with population of morethan405255, and it Capital city is Fizi Alembelembe, or Fizi. Neighborhood aspect of Fizi In the Northern: Fizi is limited by Uvira territorial through the piece of Luhanga mountain in which goes deep interior of water of lac Tanganyika, ii North-West by the prolongement of values of mountain Mitumba(Axe mikye-alumya-sasira-bisembe) antil kitutu in (Mwenga) In the East: all the limits of Lac Tanganyika water by Burundi, Tanzania, as well Katanga Province in Kalemie. In South: The Talama (limits by Kalemie in Katanga Povince), in South-west goes on by the lost of Mitumba mountain in Kayumba-Lambokilela- Makola antil the limite with Salamabila(Maniema pronvince).In West: The KItutu(North-West) passed by the forest of Itombwe near Minembwe/M’nwema(Akenge – axe-Itula-nzingu) until Kama(Limited Maniema- Shabunda).By it last significant Fizi seems to be big 10 times rather than Burundi and Rwanda. Fizi is composed by four (4) collectivities/ or sectors which are the following:

1) Collectivity of N’gangya. The Capital city is Lubongya. Largest (superficies) about 7880km2. Population: with 63550 and about 15residents per km2.
Admistrative limit. It is limited in North with the collectivity of Mtambala; Tanganyika and Lulenge, is limits interior far away as well, of water of the Tanganyika Lac by the largetic land, or island of Ubwari, in South by the Province of Katanga in Shaba, and South-East until and in West by the province of Katanga and a small part of Shabunda.

Economics Aspect. It’s must be noticed that the N’gangya collectivity is rich in the ground, the forest, the rivers , some can be named as Elombwe,Nemba,Embe, we also emphasize the natural Port in Kazimia village which is no exploited yet, , as well we emphasize the aerodrome of Kazimia,Lubongya,Ngalula,Lulimba. The Mineral resources: Golds, Petrol, ciments, diamond, rhenium, Tantalum, Cadmum as well Niobium. Discoveries still going on. The diversities faunas and florist are very interested to such beautiful collectivity.

Social life: their principal activities are Agriculture, Breeding of small group of cattle’s and bovina as well fishing and gathering.

Weather (temperature): Cool and fresh.

2) Collectivity of Lulenge. Capital city is: Kilembwe. Largest (superfice): about 5530km2. Populations: 19892.

Admistrative limit I t is limited in North by Itombwe and the territorial of Mwenga. In East it is limited by the Tanganyika lac, and Mutambala collectivities as well limited by Itombwe. In South is limited by N’gangya and in West by Shabunda territorial.

Weather (temperature) Fresh, worm and cool.

Economics aspect: Rich in ground, the big forest, eg: Hewabora forest, which separate Fizi and Shabunda. So many rivers are accounted in that particular area Eg: Luama, Lwe’o, as well we emphasize the National airport of Kilembwe, and more others.
Mineral Resources: There is a lot of type of mineral resources, if we must count some of them: Gold, Desel at Mahimoto, Iron, Coltant etc. The area is covered by diversity of: faunas, reserve Park of Luama, where we should note the presence of Elephants, Hypopotam, Rhinoceros, and other reptile venin.

Social life: The population of that particular collectivity are surviving by Agricultures: the Rice, Bananas, Cotons, Casavabreads, and The palm of oil, maize, and Breeding of small group of cattle as well the Gathering.

3) Collectivity of Tangani’a Capital city: Mboko Largest (superficies):2100km2 Population 207.886 per km2, it is the most populated.

Admistrative limit: In north it limited by Uvira the territorial and Mwenga. In East by the Tanganyika Lac, in South by the Mtambala and N’gangya Collectivities. In west by the Lulenge Collectivity as well Itombwe.

The Weather (temperature): very cold from the Mitumba Mountain, as well fresh and cool in littoral.

Economics aspect: Its underground represent a very interest activities: Agriculture of the coffee of the good quality (Arabica and Robista), palm of oil, the rice, Beans, The cereals, Cottons of good qualities are produced without seasons. The multitudes of the wonderful forest like those of Abembweamong the Abembwe village and Elombe forest in which we would count some of the wonderful butterflies we have never seen in the world, as well the bird of the beautiful feather(plumage). The same forest can provide the big tree that produced the, black, yellow, whiteTimbers of good quality. Itombwe forest which separate Tanganyika and Mwenga. Makyaka forest in plan valley of Swima/Lusambo Village it’s also very important because it s produced the good hood that helps on the construction matters etc. The same collectivity contains the following rivers that produced pure water: A’amba riverof Makobola village, M’monga river of Munene village, Ngovi river ofSwima lusambo village, Kabumbe river of Kabumbe village, and Sangya river of Nundu village, the list can still going on. We also have a beautiful mountain like Mkubwe, Lwenge and an amazing isolate Bulumba Island; as well we emphasize the aerodrome of Minembwe and Nundu.
Mineral resources: Gold, Coltant, Iron, etc .Diversities of faunas of reserve of the following Park: Mi’enge, Nwema whom we find the: Elephants, The white gorillas, and the bird more than 100 years old. With the city of Pemba/Mnene, we have a touristic place much important, in which we find the so much needed aquatics resources that containing more notorieties of variety and needed for in bowl bleedings aquarium to the highest palaces like( Kings Palace’ Presidential residence, Hotels and Exposition Houses, scientific discoverency, cultural as well touristic around the World, also we have the mountain of the stones that could produce the painting of the different colours, as well the different makeup’s ,etc.

Social life: The people of that particular collectivity are surviving by, Agriculture, (Rice, Cassava breads, Coffee, palm of oil) gathering, and Breeding small cattle. All the families are surviving by spending less of one US Dollard per day.

4) Collectivity of Mtambala The Capital City: Baraka Largest it count: 776km2 Population: 58234 residents per km2.

Admistrative limit: In North by Itombwe and collectivitity of Tanganyika. In East by the Tanganyika Lac, then the South and West by the Collectivity of N’gangya.

Weather (temperature): Fresh and in the highest plateax. Hot as well cold in the littoral.

Economics aspect: Soft ground, savan. Having a wonderful Rivers, like Mtambala, Nemba, as well we emphasize the Aerodrome of Mshimbakye.
Mineral Resources: Gold, Iron, Tanalum, Letin, Tungsten, Coltant, as well Petrol, etc. The collectivity is so much wanted in the highest level; with the board (Port) Mshimbakye in which received all the Refugees from Tanzania, as well it accommodate the huge number of World humanitarian Organizations and tourism input.

Social life: People are surviving by, agriculture of, races, cassava breads, as well fishing, gathering and Breeding the cattle’s. Poverty its surrounding people of that particular area, therefore they spend less than one USDollard per day.

Fizi as Touristic Paradise:
If it can be considered by the central government, FIZI can become a wonderful touristic area ever seen. It Nature is so miraculous, as we can note of some of them: the fauna, the flora, the aquatic kinds etc. In it historical evidence and cultural materialistic Fizi, represent a so wonderful physical aspect in which we can note the following: Lac and their beaches, rivers, mountains Mineral resources, Islands,The Hills, more attractive and much more discovery still going on. We emphasized the so many electrical barrages E.g., barrage of Force Bendera in which we should share with Kalemie/KatangaProvince,Uvira,Bukavu,Burundi,Rwanda,Tanzania,Uganda , as well the electrical barrage of Mtambala at Malekya village then the electrical barrage of Lwe’o.

The declivity water falling of Nalochwele of Lusambo/Swima,which count 1km from Up to Bottom,Which can produse the same electricity as that of Force Bendera, as well Three Reserves Parcs. The Reserve of Mi’enge in Collectivity of Tanganyika. The Reserve of Lwama, Elembwe, and the Reserve of Elombwe in the collectivity of N’ngangya.

a) The Reserve of Mi’enge which contains the game and varieties of animals, following are: Elephants, buffalos.Rhinoceros and more of them are monkeys.

b)The Reserve of Lwama- Elembwe which contain the following: The Hippopotami, Crocodils,The buffalos, and more of them are the Elephants Dwarf without counting more variations of the reptiles and insects very rich in venin in the medical contexts.

C) The Reserve of Elombwe which represent the wonderful attraction in: Variety of Papyrus, the eternal green color and different bird in qualities of beautiful plumages.
Fizi represent the most wonderful forest in Africa context, that provide the diversities Butterflies of formidable colours, also the migrates Birds from different places around the World. As was mentioned above, t he Touristic city of Pemba/Munene, zone of Fizi does accommodate thousands of tourists within exploitations of aquatics mysterious, as well within the different fields.

The Zone of Fizi brim an interested vegetal range, Plants, beautiful flowers and most of it are concerning and contribute within medical values. The culture of the flowers and the artistic plants should contribute on so wonderful economy of the Fizi in particular. The research done by Japanese NGO called IRSAC, in different area like , Munene/Pemba,Lweba,Sombwe and all around Dine ,Iyungu, The Zone of Fizi contain with many Kind of aquatics Notorieties variation in the World, which could function in all aspects within Humankinds.

Fizi Agriculture: Everywhere can be cultivated the above mentioned of plants, without fertilize products, we should as well mentioned Minembwe, is leading on the agriculture of Beans,Meaze, Potatoes, as well rearing of Cattle’s, the production of the fresh milk are extremely deep. Minembwe it self become the super suppliers of the fresh milk within Fizi populations, and we believe that with the new technology, Minembwe should lead at the first place of Nestle milk producer and the other type of milk within the Southern Kivu Province as well wthin the state.

Aquatics resources of Fizi can provide the medical substance that will allow the good treatment of so many kinds of sickness. Read more about Hewa bora Forest. Hewabora is the most historical forest in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Situated in South Kivu Pronvince particularly in the Collectivity of Lulenge, Zone of Fizi.

The most historical effects of the Hewabora are: The Birth of current President of DRC Joseph Kabila, on 04 of Jun 1971 during the rebellion between his Father Mzee Laurent Kabila against dictatorial regime of Ex President Mobutu Sese seko. However we have no doubt to say that, Hewa bora is the historical forest where many painful events emerged. On the other hand Hewabora will remain a paramount and an Icon place to be remembered. The most sweet and important fruit of that particular forest, is the immerging of the Democracy in the State (DRC). Grace of Hewa bora , together we are singing the national item, no matter whatever still happening, we believe that the most important issues has been solved .

Love to see, explore and experience more about HewaBora. I hope that you will enjoy to see the Birth place of current president of DRC, as well visiting the city of Mzee Laurant Kabila, and all his surrounded during the era.

Sport and leisure of Fizi. The most popular games of Fizi are: Soccer, Karate, Boxes, swimming, and they still can play so different other global games. Fizi’peoples as well are good in composing and singing Gospel music, but unfortunately they are experiencing the lack of music instrumentals, that should be caused by war invasion in the era.

The traditional Art Objects of Fizi, are very interested, however, so many people would look at that as an Archeological evidence of this wonderful zone. In dead, Fizi is qualified as the most potentiality place to be and to invest, without doubt, when you invest in there, nothing you will lose.

However, you are strongly invented to be part of Fizi discovery of the other many of the Minerals Resources, Animals, Plants, Rivers, Mountains, forests, and Islands etc... Hope that you will enjoy, no longer waste your time by waiting, please don’t hesitate to interact with Fizi’s peoples, and they are the most of the easiest people to deal with. TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE.